Hal Lublin on November 2nd, 2009
The Three Stooges 1959- Sammelkarten used courtesy of Thomas Duchnicki

"The Three Stooges 1959- Sammelkarten" used courtesy of Thomas Duchnicki

One of the things I love about Facebook is that it’s kind of all things to all people. Some people use it mostly for the games, and that’s fine with me. Some use it to reach out to customers and create an online community around their product/service. I’m cool with that too. I use it for business a little bit, but I love to keep up with friends and family, use the birthday calendar, and stay in touch with people. I’m going to assume you’re OK with that.

With all of these different people using Facebook in a ton of ways, there’s bound to be a little crossing of the streams (Ghostbusters reference alert), so here’s a big tip that will help us all get along:

Don’t share every single achievement from Farmville, don’t tell me which “Mad Men” cast member you are, and don’t tell me how many square inches of rainforest you’ve saved.

I get it if you’re proud of your Bowling Buddies Score, or if you’ve taken a HILARIOUS new quiz and just have to share, but there are people I’m connected to whose news stream is made up of nothing but this stuff. I’m beginning to worry that they’ve forgotten about the outdoors. Did you know you don’t have to publish this stuff? It’s true! You can just enjoy it by yourself and maintain relationships with people who are getting fed up with it (believe me, they’re out there.) When you finish an activity, you get this popup:

It is literally this easy.

It is literally this easy.

Just click “skip instead” of “publish”. That’s it and that’s all. I’m not going to tell you to keep everything to yourself, but for the love of all that’s good and holy, use a little discretion. Think about why you’re sharing what you’re sharing; if you do that, you’ll be saving relationships. Believe me.

What do you think?

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  • manatulberg

    Well said Hal, well said.

  • http://www.rerockstar.com Matt Stigliano – @rerockstar

    Hal – Ditto what Mana said.

    I think Facebook should have a “don't display the garbage” setting in the options somewhere. Why should I have to click “hide” every time someone invents a new way to waste time? I love games more than the next guy, but I don't feel the need to share every little move I make in a game with the world.

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Thanks Mana. I kind of think of this post as a bit of public service…

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    I totally agree with you Matt – I waste more time blocking and hiding than I think I should. There must be some middle ground to this, right?

  • http://www.rerockstar.com Matt Stigliano – @rerockstar

    You would think there would be. Perhaps you'll be the man to spearhead this new movement?

  • jennklJennkl

    I totally agree. I have been afraid to even participate in any games because I was concerned it would self-publish. Good to know there is the “skip” button. More people should use it! And, I agree, the previous comments, maybe there could be a “I want to Keep my Friends” button after you play a game or take a quiz that keeps it to just you.

    I love that you shared Whistle Tips 🙂