Hal Lublin on January 4th, 2010

Happy New Year, everyone. We’ve reached the first Monday of 2010, and with it comes the steely resolve to keep the promises we made to ourselves on Friday (weekends don’t count, right? We always start on Monday).

I call shenanigans on that. TOTAL shenanigans.

Resolutions are nothing more than promises designed to be broken.We like to tie them to the new year because of the feeling of renewal that comes with arrival of a new calendar year. If we’re honest, though, we like the idea of making bold statements more than we like putting in the time to actually affect change. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Humans are amazing animals. Our cognitive capacity, ability to adapt, and perceptive powers can serve as either a great tool or liability. The great news is that you’re in control. Rather than using resolutions to create space between where you are and where you want to be, use your powers to affect change now. How do you do that?

  • Create a big picture plan with definable goals.
  • Plot out steps and a schedule for those goals.
  • Start taking those steps today.

Yes, you can apply this to social media strategy. You can create measurable goals (conversions, traffic-based goals, and as Amber Naslund points out, there are many “outside-the-ROI-box” measurables you can use ), come up with the means to achieve those goals, and implement them. You can do it to just about any facet of your business. However, it also applies to your life. Your outlook. Your ability to achieve.

I need to lose weight. You know how I’m doing it? One day at a time. Watching what I eat and making sure I get some sort of exercise done every day. I know my goal weight, but I know that I’m only going to get there a few pounds at a time.

As you move into 2010, make good things a habit by doing them every day. Set goals and just as importantly determine the steps to reach them. More importantly than that, TAKE those steps. Intent without action is meaningless. Action without intent is mindless. Combine the two and you can do anything.

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