Hal Lublin on February 19th, 2010

I hated online dating when I was single. I must have changed my profile on JDate five times to try and strike a tone that I thought was indicative of my personality and I still never got close. I think most people struggle to “sell themselves” in the online setting because the end result comes from questionnaires. Do I like Flea Markets? Sure. I’ll check yes, although I hadn’t been to one in years and could think of about 20 dates I would go on before saying “let’s go antiquing.” When I looked at other people’s profiles they all started to blend together, in terms of what they were looking for, who they thought they were, etc. Dating online started to feel more like ChatRoulette than a focused search for someone you’re compatible with.

I recently learned about a service called Gelato that pulls your activity feeds from sites like FacebookNetflixTwitterFlickr and Hulu to create your profile. This makes perfect sense to me, and while I haven’t been on dating sites for a long time, they would do well to pay attention to what’s happening here. Now, instead of depending on people’s sometimes “skewed” self assessments and answers to form questions to get to know them, you can see what they’re saying, watching, listening to and sharing. In other words, you get to see who they really are, which you usually don’t get to see until you’ve been dating for a few months (ba dum bum).

It’ll be interesting to see what other services could be integrated. If you were looking for someone to date, what profile of theirs would YOU most want to see? Tell me your answer in the poll below:

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