Hal Lublin on February 15th, 2010

I had a whole thing worked out for today’s post – something about routines that I guess I’ll get too later – when something happened that I think merits some discussion. I’m calling it “The Brogan Effect.”

I wrote a post back in October about meeting Chris Brogan and the effect it had on my blogging. For those of you who don’t know, Chris Brogan is one of the top thinkers AND doers in the social media space. He has the ability to break down and explain concepts, theories and practices in a relatable and actionable way. His book Trust Agents, co-authored with Julien Smith, is  a must read.

He also happens to be really nice, very funny, and a real pleasure to spend time with. Like I said in the October post, I sat next to Chris at a charity poker tournament and wound up speaking with him most of the time. Our friendship has sustained through communication on Twitter. I choose to DM him when I can because I can only imagine that his public stream is difficult to keep up with, although we have conversed there as well. I always enjoy finding some way to make him laugh, imagining that I might be making his day a little better. Plus, sometimes it’s only for him.

Sometimes, his reaction to a private message will appear in public, like he did this morning when I thought he might be nearby. Reading the message led to his complimenting my avatar and essentially saying to the public “this is a funny dude, everybody.”

And then it began. In the last 10 minutes I have amassed about 40+ new followers. They just keep coming. Let’s remember that Chris DIDN’T say “you need to follow this guy.” Without even asking for anything, he moved 40 people to action. That’s influence, and Chris didn’t get it because he was famous. he built his audience a piece at a time through hard, FOCUSED work, being himself, and being generous with his time and brilliance. He researches, reads and shares everyday. Sure he’s started a premium resource at  Third Tribe Marketing, but that hasn’t slowed his blistering rate of sharing or diluted the quality of the information he shares. Yes, he has a book for sale, yes he works for money, but his work and his writing are making businesses better, which again increases his influence.

I’m writing this for three reasons:

1. To Illustrate that you can do the same things Chris did and achieve influence in YOUR community. You may not become the rockstar he has, but is that really your goal?

2. I couldn’t believe how many followers I picked up this time and found it amusing; and

3. There is no third thing – I just suffer from some mild OCD.

I always pick up followers when Chris mentions me publicly, and if you’re one of the new folks, I look forward to meeting you. Of course, that’s not why I talk to Chris. I enjoy making him laugh because he’s my friend and other people’s laughter (especially friends) is like crack to me.

Have YOU experienced “The Brogan Effect?”

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  • http://www.bizblogblueprint.com/ mojuu

    Haha that's great.. and a great point too. I read Brogan's tweet about and came running. One thing is saying “Follow this guy!”, but saying “He's a funny dude” is even better. Who doesn't want to follow a “funny dude”, right?

    Now I'll retweet your post too, not just to further establish your point, but also because it's a great post.

  • jennklJennkl

    Love this post – and to me your are the funniest dude there is! 🙂

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Thanks! Wait a minute. Aren't you my wife? 🙂

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Thanks Morten – it makes me feel good to know that someone I respect so much feels like I bring him some value, because even though he's not the type of guy to keep score I really enjoy finding a way to reciprocate.

    Appreciate the comment, the reading and the follow. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  • http://www.smminstitute.com Bill Lublin

    Just for the record I was following you before Chris was – and I met him before you did – You however are obviously much funnier and cooler than I am (I'm so proud!)


  • jennklJennkl

    Yes…always! 🙂 Love you

  • laineyd7

    Hal, that IS a great new avatar. I was already following you, but would have taken a look on Chris' say-so. Chris Brogan (rockstar status notwithstanding) just makes a lot of sense. And he shares. I haven't been the beneficiary of The Brogan Effect yet, but look forward to it! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Let it be noted for the record! I think he should only have to deal with one of us at a time any way… 🙂

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Thanks Elaine. Glad you like the avatar. Chris definitely has a talent for making simplifying concepts and giving us a new way to look at things we deal with every day.

    See you out there!

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Love you too. Is this the equivalent of smooching in public?

  • http://noteasytoforget.com James Ball

    I recieved a DM on Twitter that said Chris Brogan was going to be speaking here today and that there WOULD be hors d' oeuvres. Are you a famous person?

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin

    Yes, but because you had to ask you get no paté. Them's the breaks, slick.

  • http://www.liveinakron.com akronohiohomes

    I followed you because of the pig! And your Dad! And I like you!

  • http://hallublin.com/ Hal Lublin