Bill Lublin on November 3rd, 2008

Policies and Information:

These policies are valid from the date of publication as noted above.

Blog Policy:

  •  This blog is written and edited by Bill Lublin and Hal Lublin. 
    • For questions about this blog, please contact us at the email addresses provided
    • Opinions are ours and ours alone. 
    • We will always try to make clear the difference between opinion and fact.
      • When we present facts as we know them , we believe those facts to be accurate, but like life itself, nothing is guaranteed. 
      • You should never make financial or business decisions based on anything you read on the internet anywhere. Certainly you should have healthy skepticism engaged before you act on anything, In fact, even then you should make sure to consult with a financial adviser, CPA, attorney and/or other appropriate professional (but keep your skepticism engaged- they have to make a living too)
  • Nobody pays us to review anything. 
    • If anybody does pay us to review anything we’re still only going to give you our honest opinions (frankly we don’t expect anyone to come up with enough money to make us forget our basic principles. If someone does come up with that kind of money, we will have a celebratory post just before we close our business) 
    • If someone pays us anything to write a review or a post, the resultant  posts will be prominently disclosed as such within the sponsored post and/or post title


Comment Policy:

  • We believe Web 2.0 to be a conversation and as such, we encourage comments
    • We believe that we should be civil when we write, and we believe that people who comment should also be civil
      • Feel free to disagree, we enjoy different points of view, and we don’t even mind if you’re wrong about something – but whatever you do, do it in a civil manner
    • Spam is not only an unusual luncheon choice, and a great skit by Monty Python, but an annoyance in the world of Web 2.0 when spam appears in comments it will be deleted. 
      •  In addition to obvious commercial  spam, blatant self-promotion and advertising will not be tolerated.
    • Personal attacks will not be tolerated and will be deleted.
    • Profanity will not be tolerated, and may be redacted at our sole discretion (that means we may modify a comment that contains profanity – We will try not to modify the intent of the writer, but if you aren’t articulate enough to make your point without profanity, its not our fault. You should have paid attention in English class)


Collection and Use of Personal Information:


  • We will not sell or release your email address to anyone (though we could be compelled to do so by a court of law – and I can’t even imagine what you might have been doing that would cause a court to do so, but shame on you anyway!). 
  • We will not send you any form of marketing material unless you specifically request it.




  • All content is protected by US Copyright. 
    • “Fair Use” allows for small portions of text to be used and quoted as long as there is a prominent link back directly to the post URL. 
    • “Scraping” this site and/or RSS feed and/or republishing content without permission is not allowed.
  •  We believe strongly in the rights of creators to their intellectual property, and will aggressively pursue any and all remedies available under the law  to protect our copyright and intellectual property. We have also committed ourselves to the higher education of our attorney’s children, and therefore aren’t worried about spending money on legal fees

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