Hal Lublin on October 23rd, 2009

Tweet One of my favorite panels from the BlogWorld Expo was called “The Twitter Game: How To ‘Play’ Social Media and Why It’s A Bad Idea.” It was all about “gaming” Twitter – what should be automated, what should, best practices, all that tasty stuff. Before I really get into anything here, I think it’s […]

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Bill Lublin on June 17th, 2009

Tweet Twitter: Our Window to Iran As Social Media Grows, the power of instant communication by “citizen journalists” grows as well. Its hard to reconcile the impact of this use of twitter as an uncensored window on world events with people asking “Why do I care what So and So had for breakfast?” I guess […]

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Bill Lublin on April 13th, 2009

Tweet Twitter in Real Life: The Follow Back, originally uploaded by HubSpot. When people follow me on twitter I usually try to find out who they are, determine why they are following me, and then decide if I want to follow them back. I use a few criteria to determine whether I will follow them […]

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Bill Lublin on September 20th, 2008

Tweet BuzzBuilderz is dedicatedĀ facilitating the ongoing conversations generated by Social Media, which begs the question, “What makes a good conversationalist?”. In his post Three Steps to Becoming A Web ConversationalistĀ , John Battelle of SearchBlog suggests that there are three question to answer to determine how effectively you are engaged in the world of Web 2.0; […]

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